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 Welcome to Ask Us A Fatherless Question Consultation Section. Today you are going to finally find out why your dad went missing and where you can get the help you need to overcome your challenges.

All sessions are for 30 minutes only. This is because the demand is too great to be on the phone for more than 30 minutes with 1 person. You would have to go through a licensed fatherless therapist to do that.

Our prices here are a respectable $250 plus tax for a 30 minutes consultation session. This price will certainly go up once the demand becomes even greater.

Click on the button above to schedule your consultation today. Everyone wants to know why they are fatherless.

No refunds on the day of consultations. Please cancel appointments 24 prior to time and date of scheduled consultation session.

Please only schedule 1 date during the week so as many people as possible can get an appointment.

The proceeding week's schedule is posted at 13:45 Thursday afternoon. Which means we see people on a first come first served basis.


Tom Guu